Pure SPC Flooring

The Republic Extra Long Pure SPC Flooring European Tradition…and Revolution in Your home!

Just like the tree lined, upscale neighborhood, The Republic Brentwood collection offers a plush impression and classic tone combined

with durability like no other floor. Republic’s new Extra-Long floor features wider and longer planks for a more authentic look and feel.

The new Republic Pure SPC features Republic’s proprietary technology that makes the floors completely inert and waterproof.

It carries a limited 25 year residential warranty and a limited 10 year commercial warranty.
In addition, our all-new anti-bacterial EVA underlayment padding comes attached to the floor planks.
Not only does this make installation quicker – it also offers excellent noise insulation never available before.

Republic’s Pure SPC floors are stronger and snap into place much easier than other floors.
They also last longer and true to the Republic way, are completely green.

More Info: https://www.republicfloor.com/thebrentwood